Queensland Line Dance Competition (QLDC)

2023 Queensland Line Dance Competition (QLDC)
Pine Rivers Showgrounds Hall
757 Gympie Road, Lawnton, 4591

Saturday 15 July, 2023:  Competition
Doors Open: 7.45am
Competitor's Briefing: 8.15am
Competition Starts: 8.30am
Saturday 15 July 2023:  All Request Social
Times:   6.30pm - 10.30pm


If you are interested in sponsoring our Queensland Line Dance Competition - please click on the link below to access our Sponsorship Form.

All enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

For further information, please contact the QLDC Event Coordinator:

Jo Rosenblatt  (0417 074 218).

ENTRIES CLOSE: Midnight on Friday 16 June 2023

Solo & Set Dance Step Sheets with Official Video Links

A note to all competitors that solos and class dances must be danced as per the dance sheets provided by QLDA on this website.

The video links provided may not adhere strictly to the written dance sheet.  They are  intended only as a guide and learning tool for competitors.   Videos of the choreographers have been sourced for your use wherever possible.

Please refer to the QLDC Competition Rules for guidelines for each Solo and Set Dance section.


SECTION 1:   Junior Solo

The Knock Off

choreographed by Kate Moore


SECTION 2: Open Solo

Just Call Me Angel

choreographed by Tim Gauci

SECTION 3: Junior Waltz Solo

If I Know You

choreographed by Linda Pink

SECTION 4: Open Waltz Solo


choreographed by Mark Simpkin

SECTION 19: Novice Solo

[Class Dance]

Baby I'm Burning

choreographed by Joshua Talbot

SECTION 20: 18 Years & Under Solo

[Class Dance]

Cola Song

choreographed by Benjamin Harris

SECTION 21: 29 Years & Under Solo

[Class Dance]

Run Run Run choreographed by Travis Taylor

SECTION 22: 30 Years & Over Solo

[Class Dance]

Love Again

choreographed by Vannesa Kelly

SECTION 23: 55 Years & Over Solo

[Class Dance]

Best That I Got

choreographed by John Hughes & Jennifer Hughes

SECTION 24: Novice Duo

[Class Dance]

12.01 am

choreographed by John Hughes

The challenge is to take a 32 Count Step Sheet and make this dance your own by selecting the music, adding tags, bridges and restarts (if applicable). 
The dance is to be performed for the Judges.

Please Note: If you are unable to attend this Competition, you may nominate another dancer/team to perform this dance for you.
This year the QLDA Cup Challenge dance has been choreographed by Joy McIntosh from Gladstone.  Many thanks to Joy for doing this for QLDA.
The Step Sheet (either in Word or PDF format can be accessed through the links below.
(Please note that the Word document will just download automatically onto your computer.)
Please ensure that you read the Information Sheet below so you are aware of the requirements of this section.

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QLDA Cup Challenge Winners
2023  Barn Burner
Choreographed by Joy McIntosh,
Music Chosen by Tia Breed & Nicole Tummers
2022 Another-One-Bites-The-Dust
Choreographed by Travis Taylor
Music chosen by Tia Breed
2021 The-Edge
Choreographed by Jennifer Hughes
Music Chosen by Childers Country Chaos Team A
2020 Yesterdays-Song
Choreographed by Gordon Elliott
Music Chosen by Tia Breed