About us

Our Story

The idea of establishing a Line Dance Association in Queensland has been kicking around for a long time now.   Line dancers have an instant bond with each other, a common denominator. We all share the fun, fitness and friendship that line dancing brings to our lives. Queensland line dancers need updated information on where we can dance and what is on so we can co-ordinate our calendars .

The initial QLDA Steering Committee was established in 2017 and worked hard to make QLDA a reality.  Our current Committee would like to thank everyone who has helped by coming on board with membership. QLDA is now firmly established and will continue into the future with the support of line dancers across Queensland.

Our Approach

QLDA has a vision of uniting Queensland line dancers by bringing the distance between the northern tip to the border, and the outback to the beach a little closer and more accessible. QLDA's aim is to promote and support all line dancing activities within our beautiful state. With this website, Queenslanders can see what, where, when & who is holding an event. With our monthly Newsletters QLDA will share members' stories, popular dances, split floors and advertise upcoming events.

Our Future

The initial Steering Committee established a few goals in 2017 and the following have come to fruition:

QLDA Line Dance Ball , Queensland Line Dance Competition (QLDC),  OneMusic Blanket Licence for Instructors, QLD Synchronised Socials and an active Facebook page.

Meet the Committee

This is our group, we have a vision to see all Queenslanders brought together through our passion of line dancing. Our aim is to have north, central and southern Queensland represented within our committee.

QLDA Executive

Meet the Committee

This is our committee. We have a vision to see all Queenslanders brought together through our passion of line dancing. Our aim is to have north, central and southern Queensland represented within our committee.

QLDA Executive

Jo 6

Jo Rosenblatt - President (Brisbane)

Hi everyone, I am the instructor for Brizzy Boots 'n' All in Brisbane, and have been teaching line dancing and choreographing since 2001 - danced for quite a few years before I became an Instructor.  Line dancing is my passion and I love the fun, friendship, laughter and fabulous times we all have on the dance floor.  I feel very privileged and honoured to be the President of this wonderful association.


Tracey Daffey - Vice President (Yeppoon)

Hi everyone, I was first introduced to line dancing in 1994 by my mother. I have been the instructor for Dolphin Line Dancers in Yeppoon for 20 years now. Our motto is "we don't make mistakes, we make variations".



Susan Wright - Secretary (Emerald)

I have had the absolute privilege of taking the helm of Boots "n" All, Emerald, in January 2018.  I had the pleasure of dancing beside Jo Rosenblatt for 18 years.  I am absolutely loving the challenge of being the instructor of our amazing line dance family.



Brigitte Salmon - Interim Treasurer & Membership Officer (Brisbane)

Hi everyone.  I live in Brisbane and started line dancing 17 years ago with a very good instructor. This started my love for line dancing and I still love it now. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have been on many line dancing holidays, weekends away as well as attending workshops. During these times, I have made lots of new friends.  I attend classes in Brisbane and try to attend as many socials and workshops as I can. 

Committee Members

Paula 2

Mary Biles (Rockhampton)

Hello, my name is Mary Biles and I am the instructor at Juswanndans Rockhampton.  I started dancing in 2004 and became an instructor in 2014 teaching at Emu Park and Rockhampton.  I love to teach and to share my passion for line dancing- I just want to dance! I am looking forward to working with and bringing new ideas to the table for QLDA.  If you are traveling or staying around Central Queensland, give me a call to say hello.



Lorrae Goding (Childers)

Hello everyone, I am the Instructor at Childers Country Line Dancers. I started dancing in 1998. I love that anyone can dance, at any level and the diversity of the music. Dance like no-one is watching is my motto.




Teigan Oliver (Bundaberg)

I have been dancing ever since I can remember with Childers Country Line Dancers, I have grown up in and around Line Dancing. It truly has shaped my life.




Cathy Breed (Cooroy)

Hi, I’m Cathy and I am the instructor at Steppin’ in Line, Cooroy, I have been dancing for over 15 years. I would call line dancing my lifeline. There is no better feeling than being able to express yourself on the dance floor. It is very healing. I have made so many friends through our mutual love of line dancing.



Theresa McFarlane (Ipswich)

Hi all. My name is Theresa McFarlane and I am a line dance instructor from Ipswich. I started line dancing about 30 years ago and was hooked after my first class. I have made many wonderful friends and have lots of great memories. The people, the music and the dance just take you away and put you in a happy place and that I am truly thankful for.



Ruth Goding (Childers)

I love that line dancing has given me the opportunity to meet lots of people that I am proud to say have become my friends. I am number 2 at Childers Country Line Dancers and step up every now and again to teach.




Paula Ogilvie (Yarraman)

Hi everyone. My name is Paula Jayne Ogilvie.  (P.J or Paula-Jayne I mostly get called.) I am the Instructor at Wooroolin Line Dancers.

I love teaching as I get to see everyone dance and have fun and I love the friendships and bonds that are formed on the dance floor. I love to dance as it's my way of expressing myself and and love being a part of the line dancing world.