Welcome to “A note from Jo…” which will be updated monthly. Each month I am going to post a few snippets on this page letting people who access our website know what QLDA has achieved over the past month and what it has has planned for the future. I feel that it is important for non-QLDA Members to keep abreast with what we are doing in the hope that they will join our association in the future. I do hope that you all enjoy the content of our website and if you have any suggestions for additions/improvements, please let us know.

May 22

Hi everyone,

Wow – I thought last month was busy – but just look at all the events/activities our members have been involved in over the last month.

  • Stephen Paterson celebrating 20 years!!
  • Dallas Linedancers Lake Perseverance Weekend
  • Kenilworth Hoot & Scoot
  • Shelley Heard’s Flood Relief Fundraiser
  • Easter Fun at Emerald and Wondai
  • Childers Country Chaos Video Clip – what a coup for these talented youngsters!!!
  • QLDA – Dancing at Mackay

AND – there is more!!!

Congratulations to our own QLDA Members, Luke Watson and Stephen Paterson, on their amazing achievements at the Australian Line Dance Awards in Tamworth.   We also had quite a few QLDA members (Luke Watson, Rebecca Canavan-Fox, Niki Tummers, Jean Linz, Maree Small, Noelene Allen – hope I didn’t miss anyone) compete at Tamworth and there will be a full report on their achievements in our next newsletter. 

Oh my goodness – and it continues!!!  Our very own QLDA Committee Member, Cathy Breed, was placed second in the ALDC Jan Wylie Memorial Award Waltz Choreography for her beautiful waltz:  “I Held Her First”. 

Queensland Line Dance Ball (1st & 2nd October)

Put these dates in your Diary!!!  Darren Mitchell is coming to present the 2 Workshops over the weekend. There is a “Save The Date” flyer later in the Newsletter – theme is Red, White and Silver (Fire & Ice).   

  • Saturday – Workshop then Ball
  • Sunday – Workshop then Social

Once details are finalised later in the year, registrations will open up for this great event.

Take care everyone and I will catch up with you on the dance floor at some stage.

Life is precious – so Dance Hard, Dance Queensland!


Jo Rosenblatt

QLDA President