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24 May 2020

Hi everyone,

We are now all coming out of “lock-down” with the COVID-19 crisis, however things will never quite be the same.

There have been many changes to the way we all line dance. Zoom classes, Facebook classes, Online classes or just dancing at home alone following youtube videos seem to be the “norm” at the present moment.

Queensland is slowly lifting restrictions and as of Friday 12 June, we are all able to do classes with ourselves + 19 others in attendance. This is, of course, providing that our venues allow us to start using them again.

It is a difficult and unprecedented time – one that will be talked about in generations to come. I just hope and pray that all will be ok when we return to our “new normal”. 

Classes will eventually resume and people will return to face-to-face contact – perhaps not with all the hugging and kissing – think that will take a while to return. I, for one, have certainly missed the social contact with my dancers – that couple of minutes having a quick chat before class starts or while making a cup of tea is so incredibly important to us all.

In these unprecedented times it is important for us all to take care of our health. If you are dancing – please listen to the conditions that your Instructor and Venue have stipulated. Those of us who are Instructors will always consider the health of not only ourselves but of you, our dancers.

At the end of the day, the decision to return to classes is an individual one and I, for one, will always respect any decision that you make. We will all get through this – it just may take a little time.

Take care everyone and I will catch up with you on the dance floor at some stage.

Life is precious – so Dance Hard, Dance Queensland!!


Jo Rosenblatt

QLDA President