Welcome to “A note from Jo…” which will be updated monthly. Each month I am going to post a few snippets on this page letting people who access our website know what QLDA has achieved over the past month and what it has has planned for the future. I feel that it is important for non-QLDA Members to keep abreast with what we are doing in the hope that they will join our association in the future. I do hope that you all enjoy the content of our website and if you have any suggestions for additions/improvements, please let us know.

September 22

Hi everyone,

It is September and we are less than a month out from the Queensland Line Dance Ball.  The final programs for the Saturday and Sunday events can be found later in the Newsletter. 


Lots to report on again this month.

Membership!!!   Thank you everyone for joining QLDA for the year.  We now have over 230 members registered for this wonderful association.

The QLDA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on Sunday 21 August at 7pm via Zoom.  We have a new Executive Team and I welcome Sue Wright (Secretary) and Mary Biles (Treasurer) into this team.  Tracey Daffey has remained as Vice-President and I have remained as President.  We also have 2 new Committee Members – Christene Herbert and Melissa Dance – welcome ladies.  Karen Coombes and Julie Hill did not renominate for our committee and I would like to thank them both for the amazing contributions that they have both made to QLDA.

Lorrae & Ruth Goding – what can I say – you have both been an integral part of our team since we started in 2017.  Both have resigned from their positions as Secretary and Treasurer, but will remain as members of our Management Committee.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing contribution to QLDA.  Your passion and dedication is unsurpassed and we are all so grateful for the immense amount of work that you have both put into QLDA.  PS.  We are glad that you will both remain as members of our Management Committee.

Cathy Breed, Theresa McFarlane and Teigan Oliver make up the rest of our team.  I look forward to working with them all for the coming year.

OneMusic Blanket Licence – Thank you to Instructors for coming on board with this Blanket Licence.  We have 61 QLDA Instructors covered under our Blanket Licence agreement with OneMusic.

Queensland Line Dance Ball – it is all action stations for the Ball – please register if you haven’t already done so as there will be a cut-off date.  Our Charity for the proceeds of the Ball is “Angel Flight” – a very worthy cause.

Take care everyone and I will catch up with you on the dance floor at some stage.   

Life is precious – so Dance Hard, Dance Queensland!



Jo Rosenblatt

QLDA President