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September 2021

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe that it is September already – this year seems to have flown by.   We are very fortunate in Queensland to still be dancing, albeit with masks on in South-East Queensland, but still dancing!!!

I do hope that the rest of Australia, particularly NSW and Victoria are able to move out of lockdown soon and start back dancing.   Until then, we can all support their fabulous On-Line Classes/Socials/Teaches etc. 

LDAA (Line Dance Australia Altogether) are doing a wonderful job with their Online Workshops & Socials.  Our very own Cathy Breed always does a session at these.

Queensland Line Dance Ball

The QLDA Committee made an incredibly difficult decision at our August meeting to cancel our Queensland Line Dance Ball for this year.  This decision was not made lightly.  We had to look at all the options available to us, however, in the end, it was the uncertainty of what might happen that swayed our decision.  We cannot predict what Brisbane/Sunshine Coast will be like in October with COVID so have erred on the side of caution.

We have booked in  1 & 2 October 2022 for our Ball next year – put this in your diary as we will be back bigger and better!!!!!!

It was wonderful to see the line dancing support for the Inter Town/Club fundraising event for Beddown – an amazing amount of money raised at this day in Cooroy and the previous event at Cooroibah.  Line dancers are always so generous with their time and the donations etc.  Congratulations Cathy, Karen and all your helpers over these two events.

Life is precious – so Dance Hard, Dance Queensland!

Stay safe.


Jo Rosenblatt

QLDA President